Homeopathic pharmacy

We are a complete homeopathic pharmacy offering abroad range of hard to find homeopathic medicine. Our Homeopathic medicine are available pellets, tablets and tinctures. We carry some of the most world renowned brands in homeopathy such as Boiron, Heel and Hylands for such ailements as gastrointestinal to coronary issues, from skin disorders to sleep support and allergies.

Homeopathic remedy

Are you worried about some health problem? Have tried out all options but still you are not totally cured? May be you have not tried the right homeopathic remedy yet. Health Net Tv is a pioneer in gathering some of the most effective and of the highest quality homeopathic remedies. Each remedy is made using state-of-the art technology & requires only a small dosage for complete healing.

Our research & development team continuously strives to bring more advanced medications that treat all kinds of health disorders. All our remedies and products are backed by friendly, expert advice from our team of qualified personel to help you use homeopathy with confidence. Do not hesitate to use homeopathy. It is safe, effective and inexpensive. Let us help you to have a healthier & better life.

Natural medicine

Natural medicine encompasses Homeopathy and professional nutritional supplements. In today’s world everyone is turning toward a more green life style. Then why wouldn’t you do the same with your healthcare? Revert to natural medicine & notice the striking change in your lifestyle. If you are close to nature you know of nature’s power are aware that nature provides many solutions. Natural medicine dates back thousands of years when only plants, herbs & other natural ingredients sources from minerals and animals were used many treatment strategies. Nowadays most medicines are chemical products & have numerous unwanted side-effects that often last throughout one’s life. Use of natural medicine saves you from such harsh side-effects, artificial chemicals posess and in turn heals you gently and effectively from within.

We have an extensive range of natural medicines which caters to various health ailements from skin care, total body supplements for detoxification, energy, vigor and a sharp mind. Pay a visit to our shop to know more.

Oscillococcinum or Oscillo

Oscillo is one of the most used homeopathic drugs world-wide. Used for influenza like syndromes for more than 65 years now, Oscillo is a necessity in every home. We carry only the best in the market, manufactured by world renowned French pharmaceutical giant “Boiron”.




Vaccines & Immunizations Availability Influenza: $25.00

  • Recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older
  • Walk-in is welcome
  • No appointment is needed
  • No prescription is needed

Pneumonia (Pneumovax 23): $80.00

  • Available for persons 65 years of age and older who have an increased risk for pneumonia or those prone to health problems
  • By appointment only
  • Doctor’s prescription is required
  • Also cover by Medicare part B

Shingles (Zostavax): $210.00

  • Recommended for everyone 50 years of age and older
  • By appointment only
  • Doctor’s prescription is required
  • Also cover by Medicare part D


For more information about vaccines, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: CDC Website