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Connect With Our Valuable Audience


Health Net TV is the only digital TV network that will play in most retail pharmacies and waiting areas. It will deliver an innovative and relevant mix of health-related content, advertisements, enlightenment, and education for consumers at the critical point of influence. Content is delivered via Internet to flat panel screens inside the pharmacy, enabling advertisers to reach consumers while they are shopping in the pharmacy. Health Network TV is a video network that provides brands with access to millions of health-conscious consumers each month at retail pharmacies nationwide.The typical Pharmacy Health Network consumer visits his or her pharmacy more than twice a month, spends an average of 25 minutes, and is interested in seeking health related information. This creates a highly captive audience at the retail point of influence.

  • More than 50% have shopped at their current pharmacy for years.
  • 70% purchase at least one prescription and 30% two or more.

Our Health Net TV viewers are loyal and interested in seeking health related information while shopping. Advertising your brand on NETWORK TV helps move additional products through independent and retail pharmacies. If you are an advertiser or agency and are interested in advertising, please CONTACT US to request a media kit.